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Store FrontDid you have an accident? Don't worry we can help!

Nothing is more stressful than having an accident. The next worry is not knowing what is going to happen to your car. At West End Body Shop we have the systems in place to help you from the beginning to the end of the process to make it a little less painful experience. We offer free estimates, towing and in some cases a free loaner car!

Let's be honest there are many different choices out there for auto body repairs. "What makes us so special?", you say? Well besides using the latest technology to repair your vehicle, we also use the best Dupont Automotive Paints. These paints can be color matched to almost all of today's beautiful colors! So with over 49 years in auto body repair, we have a proven track record of satisfying customers needs and exceeding insurers' highest standards. Our experience, flexibility, and commitment to delivering the best service possible are great reasons to trust us to repair your car.

It is important for us to work hard to restore your car to it's original factory condition. And let's face it a bad cosmetic repair will instantly lower the resale value of your vehicle. So when you've been involved in a collision, you will need to find a body shop that is both reliable (a shop that you can trust to repair your vehicle quickly and properly), and can back up the work that will be done to your car.

"That's all fine and dandy but how do I know that you mean what you say?"' That is a great question! West End Body Shop is a Major Insurance company certified repair shop! "But What does this mean to me?" Well to earn this honor we must be routinely inspected by insurance representatives. This includes them not only them visiting our shop, but random customer vehicle inspections to ensure that we are providing the highest quality services possible. You can rest easy knowing that we are recognized and trusted by one of the insurance industry's leading companies!

Insurance Questions

"Ok I would like use your services but I have never been in an accident before. What do I do?"' Well there are a number of ways to handle your accident. To start off just follow the guidelines below.

  • If your vehicle is not drivable and requires a tow: Call our hotline at (616) 453-9944, and a West End Body Shop staff member will immediately dispatch the tow service, and provide you with transportation (if necessary) to our facility, your home or office.

  • If your vehicle has minor damage, and can be driven: Call the listed telephone number on your “Evidence of Liability” card. Let the insurance representative know that you are interested in having you vehicle repaired with us. In most cases, the insurance company will then provide you with a claim number. Once a staff member is provided with your claim number, they can schedule and arrange to get your car attended to and repaired immediately.

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